FAA Corrects Overflight Notams

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FAA Corrects Overflight Notams

The FAA issued new corrected Notams late last week that eliminate the “historically burdensome” requirements for foreign companies conducting business aircraft flights in U.S. airspace, NBAA said. Last month, the FAA published FDC Notams that excluded the previous special and less restrictive security instructions for aircraft registered in Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands.

In those Notams, foreign-registered aircraft weighing less than or equal to 100,309 pounds, including those from the aforementioned previously exempted countries, had to get a TSA waiver to fly through U.S. airspace. For example, this proved troublesome to general aviation aircraft operators in Canada who conduct domestic flights but fly a shortcut over U.S. airspace.

In recognizing its error, the FAA cancelled last month’s Notams and issued new ones that reinstate the previous requirements for the countries mentioned above.

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