FAA Eases RVSM Application Process

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FAA Eases RVSM Application Process

The U.S. FAA enacted a rule yesterday that should ease the application process for operating in reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) airspace. The rule revises the agency’s requirements for an application by “eliminating the burden and expense of developing, processing and approving RVSM maintenance programs.”

As a result of this revision, the FAA said that an applicant to operate in RVSM airspace “will no longer be required to develop and submit an RVSM maintenance program solely for the purpose of obtaining an RVSM authorization.” The agency reminded operators that “because of other, independent FAA airworthiness regulations, all aircraft operators remain required to maintain RVSM equipment in an airworthy condition.”

Although there were slight variations, many of the comments submitted in opposition to the proposal claimed that easing the regulatory requirements for an RVSM authorization would reduce aviation safety. The FAA reiterated that this final rule “eliminates an application requirement, and leaves intact FAA requirements to maintain RVSM equipment and operate RVSM authorized aircraft in an airworthy condition.” The new rule takes effect on August 19.

by AINalerts: July 20, 2016

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